Thursday, October 13, 2016


Learn More About Calluses on the Feet
Calluses may look unattractive, but they have a purpose. These thick areas of skin are created due to an adaptation. They are part of the body's defense system, so they protect the hands and feet from excessive stress and pressure. Those who play sports - like gymnasts - or play music - like guitarists - tend to get calluses on their hands. Sometimes people get calluses on their feet, though, and these can be painful. Richland podiatrist Dr. Darian VanGorkum can help manage foot calluses so you can walk without pain.

Callus Prevention
The best form of treatment is prevention. Prevent calluses from occurring by wearing more comfortable shoes. Get rid of the ill-fitting high heels. Adjust your posture and gait so you distribute your weight across the entire foot - not just certain areas. Wear inserts, especially if you don't have a lot of padding between your foot bones and skin. This will keep the bottoms of your feet from absorbing all the pressure.

Callus Treatment
Foot soaks and files are at-home treatments that are usually effective for calluses. Pumice stones and pedicures may also be helpful. Pads can also relieve pain. Some are non-medicated, while others contain salicylic acid. If the callus is painful, ask your doctor to remove it. Do not attempt to cut it off, as this can cause an infection.

Prevention and Treatment are Just a Phone Call Away
If you're having recurring issues with calluses or just need some tips on prevention and treatment, an appointment with a podiatrist may be helpful. To get relief, contact Richland podiatrist Dr. Darian VanGorkum at (509) 946-7602 or (509) 943-9389.